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Can you add straw construction to an existing house?
Answered by Planet Green
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  1. Straw bale additions can be tacked on to a conventional building relatively easily. Attach a metal mesh lath to the rows of bales and staple it into the existing frame to "tie" the parts together. Remember that you'll need to consider the width of the bales and their plaster coating so that the walls of the addition line up with the original building.

    Existing buildings also can have a layer of straw bales added for insulation, but this modification can be significantly challenging. If you wrap your house in straw bales, you may need to widen your foundation and your roof, and you'll need to rearrange windows and doors to accommodate the new width of the walls. You can also add an internal layer of straw, although you'll lose indoor space by doing so. In either case, you need to coat the straw bales in plaster and leave a small breathing space between the bales and the old walls.

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