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What does Air Force One look like inside?
Answered by Discovery Channel
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  1. We don't have access to Air Force One's exact floor plan for security reasons, but we have a general description of its interior. Cargo is stored in the lowest of the three levels. The president and passengers enter at the middle level, where they stay during the flight. The upper level contains communications equipment. Except for the seatbelts on all the chairs, Air Force One looks much like a hotel or executive office. The furniture is of hand-crafted wood. There are living quarters with a private bedroom, bathroom and workout room for the president, as well as office space. For staff meetings there is a large conference room, which is also used as the president's dining room. A separate office area is allotted to the senior staff, with other work and rest spaces for the rest of the staff. Reporters traveling with the president sit in a separate area. There are two galleys and room for the service crew. Air Force One has room for 70 passengers and 26 crew members.

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