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How did Alexander the Great spread the Hellenistic culture?
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  1. Philip II of Macedon rose to power in 359 B.C. He seized territory on the Greek coast, advancing southward. In Athens, the orator Demosthenes delivered a famous group of warnings about Philip's encroachments. Unfortunately, his warnings went largely unheeded.

    In 346 B.C., Philip ingratiated himself with the Greeks by helping them defeat their enemies, the Phocians. This earned him a place on the Amphictyonic Council (an assembly of Greek leaders). When Philip attacked Thebes in 338 B.C., Athens and other city-states finally joined the fight. After defeating the combined forces of the city-states and taking control of the Greek Peninsula, Philip created the League of Corinth to unite them. After Philip was killed in 337 B.C., his son Alexander the Great invaded the Persian Empire, creating an empire of his own that reached Egypt and India.

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