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How did ancient Egyptians develop into an early society?
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  1. Egypt's history is divided into many dynasties, marked by three distinct periods of development starting about 2650 B.C. - the Old Kingdom, the Middle Kingdom and the New Kingdom. Before that time, ancient Egyptians had come together in small communities after realizing that they would have to work together to sustain life in the area around the Nile River.

    The Egyptians also developed their civilization by trading with others, bartering many products from their land, including salt, glass beads, baskets, gems and papyrus for writing. Sometimes, they used military force to obtain goods without having to trade for them. Often referred to in ancient texts as the Two Lands - possibly because it was divided into lower and upper areas - Egypt was united for a short time near 3400 B.C. About the same time, some Mesopotamians joined Egyptian society, introducing Semitic words into their language, bringing new art forms and even becoming members of the ruling elite.

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