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Are there ghosts in the White House?
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  1. Paranormal investigators often claim spirits are energy and that certain places where serious events occurred -- a murder, for example, or even just someone passing away -- retain more charged spiritual energy than others. If that's true, what better place for spirit energy to run rampant than the White House? The pale abode on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, D.C. has been the home to murdered presidents; the site of excruciating decisions of war; and a place of high political drama and intrigue all the way around. So it's not hard to imagine the White House must have some great ghost stories attached to it.

    For example, it would seem the White House has a permanent hold on some of its former inhabitants. Or vice versa! Abigail Adams, John's wife, was the first First Lady to live there, and it seems she couldn't bring herself to leave, even after death: She's been seen hanging up her laundry in the East Room. Dolley Madison is rumored to still be around too, protecting the Rose Garden that she so loved in her more corporeal days. She appeared to workers who'd been sent by President Woodrow Wilson's wife to dig up the garden, telling them to leave well enough alone.

    The White House isn't just for First Lady ghosts either: The men get into the paranormal act too. Some former presidents won't leave the White House. Abraham Lincoln's ghost has been sighted looking out of windows and visiting the Lincoln bedroom (an altogether appropriate room for him to visit!). Andrew Jackson, not to be outdone, is reported to still be in the room that contains his bed. Mary Todd Lincoln, who was said to have attempted to communicate with her dead sons, spoke of hearing Jackson's heavy footsteps while he cussed his way along the halls [source:].

    Members of first families are among those who have seen ghosts at the White House: Eleanor Roosevelt and Jimmy Carter's daughter each reported seeing these former residents while they were living there. And Harry Truman, in his letters, wrote of working in the White House while listening to ghostly footsteps and of drapes that moved on their own [source:].

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