What are the basic components of a robot?
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  1. Almost anything that would be considered a robot has the following basic elements:

    • A moveable body -- Robots may have wheels, limbs connected by mechanical joints, or other types of moveable segments.
    • An actuator -- In order to be activated, robots may use an electric motor, a hydraulic system, a pneumatic system or a combination of all three.
    • A power source -- A robot needs a power source to drive its actuators. Electric robots use batteries or extension cord. Hydraulic robots need pumps to pressurize the hydraulic fluid, and pneumatic robots need air compressors.
    • An electrical circuit -- The electrical circuit powers the electric motor, solenoid or valves that control hydraulic or pneumatic systems.
    • A reprogrammable brain (computer) -- The computer controls all other components. In order to change the robot's behavior, you just have to reprogram the computer.
    • A sensory system -- Some robots have the ability to collect information about their environment and react to it.


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