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How do Benyu's nine laws of nature relate to biomimicry?
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  1. In Janine Benyus' book, "Biomimicry: Innovation Inspired by Nature," she emphasizes nine laws of nature including the following:

    • Nature runs on sunlight.
    • Nature utilizes only the energy it needs.
    • Energy fits form to function.
    • Energy recycles everything.
    • Nature rewards cooperation.
    • Nature banks on diversity.
    • Nature demands local expertise.
    • Nature curbs excess from within.
    • Nature taps the power of limits.

    Benyus believes that each of these "laws of nature" must be seriously considered when attempting to create a biometric design. If one of the laws is not considered, the design's outcome cannot be truly biomimetic.

    Biomimicry 2
    The biomimetic technology behind this robot fish is based on the common carp. The robot navigates and propels itself through water with its fins, just like a real fish. (Adrian Dennis/AFP/Getty Images)

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