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How did the Berkeley Free Speech Movement influence your career?
Answered by Alice Waters
  • Alice Waters

    Alice Waters

  1. Alice Waters Owner of Chez Panisse Restaurant and Founder of the Edible Schoolyard Project


    I think that with the Free Speech Movement happening at Berkeley at the moment that I arrived really -- it excited me and surprised me. I was really on the edge of those demonstrations, but I had never thought about really banding together in that way. I had never really thought about what it was to sort of band together to try to stop the war in Vietnam, to advocate for something you think is really important.

    I think everybody who was part of that felt empowered by that experience, and so I just didn't have a second thought about opening a restaurant. I was sure that people were going to come. If the food was good enough then they would come. That was the important piece I think really for me -- and the optimism, the sort of idealism that has always been a part of this restaurant and part of my life.

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