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What happened to Eva Peron's body after the 1955 coup?
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  1. In 1955, a coup led by General Aramburu toppled the Peron government. Following the military takeover, the revolutionaries wanted to stamp out any symbols of the Peron administration, including Eva Peron's burial monument. The military leaders did not know how to deal with her corpse, which still was under pathologist Pedro Ara's care, even though Peron had died in 1952. The new government believed that if Peron supporters got hold of Eva Peron's corpse, they would use it as a rallying point for the masses against the new regime.

    The Aramburu government stole the body, intending for Colonel Moori Koening to bury it in an unmarked grave in Buenos Aires. For reasons that remain unclear, Koening never fulfilled his order. From this point on, Eva Peron's body made several stops until finally, 26 years after she passed away, she was laid to rest, permanently, in Buenos Aires.

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