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Can you use clove bud oil to calm a teething baby?
Answered by Discovery Fit & Health
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  1. Clove bud oil has been used as an alternative medicine treatment for all sorts of tooth pain, including what a teething baby goes through. Usually, a few drops of clove bud oil where it hurts can ease the pain, but clove bud oil can burn. So it’s best to mix four drops of clove bud oil with a teaspoon of vegetable oil, and then test the mixture on your own mouth. If it’s too hot, you can dilute the mixture with more vegetable oil. Then place a few drops on your baby’s gums. Clove bud oil doesn’t have the best taste, so your baby might refuse it. If so, you can either try to add a drop of better-flavored oil, such as orange, to cover the clove bud taste or use chamomile oil instead of the clove bud oil.

    Babies aren’t the only ones who have benefited from clove bud oil’s soothing properties. It also works for adults under some circumstances. You can treat your tooth pain with clove bud oil in two ways. First, if you don’t have clove bud oil, but do have clove buds, gently chew on one where it hurts in your mouth. Your chewing action releases the oil. You can then lightly suck on the clove bud to extract the oil. If you already have some clove bud oil, mix four drops of it with one drop of orange oil (for flavor) and one teaspoon of vegetable oil. Then take the mixture and rub it in your mouth where it hurts.

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