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Can you lose weight taking konjac?
Answered by Discovery Fit & Health
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    Discovery Fit & Health

  1. Konjac likely can't help you lose weight, and it may not even be safe to try. The konjac plant is used in Japan to make konnyaku and other low-calorie foods, and konjac root has been used in the diet pills Lipozene and Centriline. However, these pills are basically just high-fiber pills - - they can help with digestion and have laxative qualities. Although konjac is used in a number of products in Japan, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) blocked the import of konjac candy, as the gelatinous candies were getting stuck in the throats of some children, who subsequently choked to death. The lumpy candies were molding to the shape of the children's throats, which made them difficult to dislodge.

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