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What will the classroom of the future look like?
Answered by Rob Wrubel and Bernadette Lucas
  • Rob Wrubel

    Rob Wrubel

  • Bernadette Lucas

    Bernadette Lucas

  1. Rob Wrubel Chief Marketing & Product Development Officer, Apollo Group

    Well, the classroom of the future is going to be a really interesting combination of elements. First of all, it will live in the proverbial cloud. Content -- so you can be able to access this classroom, where you'll have teachers, your faculty, other students, mentors, connections to whomever you want -- the content will live in a place that you can access it from any device. It's not going to be something that's just on your hard drive or just in a physical space. So imagine the world where your mobile smartphone, the desktop setup you have in your home, or the digital television set, back to the room you actually go and conduct your work with your classmates is all tied together.

    Your data, your learning profile, what you're working on, your homework assignments -- so for me, that stuff is ubiquitous. The networks you can draw upon to solve problems when you're both curious and when you're stumped will always be available to you. I think that the classroom of the future is going to be a combination of classrooms that we come to that are the formal classrooms that are called a school. There'll be classrooms that might just be the Starbucks or a coffee shop down the street. It might be it's an empty warehouse where a bunch of kids or students have decided to put together a new company or a nonprofit.

    And they're going to get class credit for it, and a whole bunch of online network teams and teachers and faculty members engaging content. I see it being much more distributed and much more of something that you engage with along your own path, so that it allows us to connect globally, be local and global at the same time; I feel that -- over 20 years -- is where we're heading.

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  2. Bernadette Lucas Principal, Melrose Elementary School Mathematics, Science, Technology Magnet


    I hope that there's always a teacher, a live person, because learning is a social thing. Whether the learning is virtual or face to face, it's a social thing, and I think particularly for young children. As you get older and approach adulthood, I think you can move more and more to an online platform, but children play off the energy of the classroom and the social aspect of it.

    But I do strongly believe that with online resources more technology is going to come into the classroom, but I think what's going to happen is that teachers and educators are going to have to be more thoughtful and trained in, how do you use all of this technology to facilitate a child's education? That's where I think the future lies, is teachers having all of these resources, just like we all do every day with Google and every other resource we have, how do you manage those resources so that you have a highly effective classroom?

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