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How many crew members survived the sinking of the Titanic?
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  1. Running a luxury liner of Titanic's massive size required manpower. Nearly 900 people worked on the Titanic. Of the 885 people who worked on the deck crew, in engineering, the galley or to help keep passengers fed and comfortable, only 215 survived. Here is a sampling of the crew on the ship's maiden voyage:

    • There was a storekeeper, lamp trimmer and carpenter among the ship's deck crew.
    • The engine crew included firemen/stokers and trimmers.
    • The victualling crew tended to passengers'' comfort and needs; there were saloon stewards, bakers, bell boys, butchers, stewardesses, postal clerks and a few crew members whose jobs were "boots."
    • Titanic restaurant staff included waiters, an assistant fish cook, a larder cook and a wine butler.
    • The perhaps ironically named "Guarantee Group" included fitters, plumbers and electricians [source: Encyclopedia-Titanica].

    The staff of the ship also included a group of musicians. The story is true that while the Titanic was sinking, the two onboard bands got on stage together and performed in an attempt to boost the morale of passengers. Ultimately, not a single member of either band survived.

    Survivors included some crew members from several of the different groups of workers, including trimmers, an able seaman, carpenters, stewards, firemen and an assistant vegetable cook. Annie Caton, a Turkish bath stewardess on the ship, was 33 years old and single in 1912. She was rescued in lifeboat 11 and later married a shopkeeper and moved to Newcastle, Australia. She gave a brief account of the ship's sinking to a newspaper in 1934 and died in 1947 [source: Poirier]

    There also is a list of nearly 25 fortunate people who were signed on as crew members but who were either transferred, sick, deserted or "failed to join" and were not on the ship at the time of the disaster.

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