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Did the death of Stonewall Jackson affect the Battle of Gettysburg?
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  1. Robert E. Lee led Confederate troops to victory at the battle before Gettysburg, at Chancellorsville. More than 1,200 Confederate soldiers were killed there, however, along with Gen. Stonewall Jackson. Jackson had been Lee's most trusted general, and a great military mind. The general who replaced him, James Longstreet, also was part of Lee's trusted inner circle, even though the two didn't always agree. Longstreet was unhappy with the number of lives lost in the Chancellorsville victory, and did not support Lee's aggressive military strategy during the last day of the Battle of Gettysburg. Michael Shaara's Civil War novel, "The Killer Angels," and the screen adaption of the book, "Gettysburg," portray Longstreet as doing his best to obey Lee's orders, but some historians think that he stalled or blatantly disobeyed them, causing the start of a fateful chain of events.

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