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How are delegates chosen to attend a political convention?
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  1. Political conventions are attended by elected delegates from each state. While there are different ways to choose a delegate, depending on the state as well as the party, the key point is that all delegates are chosen because of their support for a specific candidate and not just because they're members of the party. The two main political parties use two different methods to choose their delegates. Democratic delegates are elected using a proportional system, by which the number of delegates representing a particular candidate is directly related to the percentage of votes the candidate received in the primary or caucus. In contrast, Republicans use a winner-take-all system to choose the party's delegates. In this system, the candidate who receives the majority of votes in the party primaries or caucuses wins all of a state's assigned delegates. The number of delegates each state receives depends on its population as well as the support it has given to a party's candidates.

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