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How can a design-based approach solve business organization problems?
Answered by Bill Moggridge
  • Bill Moggridge

    Bill Moggridge

  1. Bill Moggridge Director, Smithsonian’s Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum


    So, if you think about the way in which organizational change is usually helped by consultants, a lot of them are business management consultants, and they're very good at producing a business case for change and analyzing the repercussions, showing the financial implications and so on, but what they lack is an ability to show a tangible example of what that change might mean.

    I think that's where design has a fresh opportunity to be influential because, as designers, we know how to create a prototype of some example that illustrates that change. We can show something. We can show an experience. We can show a design solution, and that's much more real to the management who are receiving the input than the realistically dry report.

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