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Do some differences between men and women trace back to ancient behaviors?
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  1. It's not an insult to say that men still act like cavemen. In many ways, it's true. And sorry, ladies, but they're not alone. Women also have behaviors that scientists trace to humans' early evolution. Scientists have found, for instance, that when a man feels pain, the analytical parts of his brain are activated. On the other hand, when a woman feels pain, it stimulates her limbic system. The limbic system is known to be the headquarters of our emotional responses [source: UCLA]. There may be an evolutionary explanation for why men and women react differently to pain. Men, defenders of the home, simply want to stop the pain, so they don't become upset by it. In contrast, women's protective and nurturing instincts kick in when they experience pain. This emotional reaction is thought to be connected to a woman's ancient desire to keep her children safe.

    Some men might call shopping painful, but statistically speaking, men spend only slightly less on buying clothes than women do. They spend more on such things as cars and alcohol [source: Hamilton]. So in essence, men also like to spend money, but they go about it differently. Men tend to decide beforehand what they're going to buy, make the purchase and return home. (It could be said that they plot an attack on their purchases!) Women, in contrast, prefer to spend time perusing. The different approaches between the sexes may be explained by ancient roles. As hunter, man had to act quickly to catch his prey and then return as soon as possible to defend his home. Women, on the other hand, were the gatherers, which included taking the time to locate the best place to collect food and carefully foraging to bring back safe food instead of any rotten or poisoned items.

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