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Who was Dionysius?
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  1. Two key figures in ancient Greek history share the name: Dionysius the Elder and Dionysius the Younger. Dionysius the Elder lived from 430 to 367 B.C. in the city of Syracuse. Born the son of a mule driver, he started out as a clerk and eventually became an army general. In 405, Dionysius overthrew the Syracuse council and made himself ruler, after which he began to expand the region into an empire. He won two wars against Carthage but lost a third and relinquished much of his territory. The historical record of his son, Dionysius the Younger, is scantier. He was born in 395, succeeded his tyrannical father and ruled until 344 (but for a displacement by his uncle from 357 to 346). In 344, the Corinthian ruler Timoleon deposed Dionysius once and for all.

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