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Do crystal skulls have supernatural powers?
Answered by Discovery Channel
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  1. Whether crystal skulls have powers depends on whom you ask. They may say that crystal skulls have the same powers as crystal balls and can provide insights into the past, present and future. The Mitchell-Hedges skull is probably the most well-known crystal skull. Controversy over its powers equals the debate over its true discovery. According to British adventurer and traveler F.A. Mitchell-Hedges, his adopted daughter, Anna, discovered the skull in the mid-1920s underneath the altar of a Mayan temple in Lubaantun. Art dealer Sydney Burney claimed, however, that Mitchell-Hedges bought the skull from him. Anna claimed that the skull has healing powers. According to Frank Garvin, author of "The Crystal Skull," art restorer Frank Dorland said the skull has an aura and that he heard the sound of ringing bells emanating from it.

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