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What equipment is needed for a solar-powered home?
Answered by Science Channel
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  1. Aside from installing solar panels on the roof, some additional equipment is needed for powering a house with solar energy. Fortunately, once all the equipment is bought and the solar panels are working, there is little maintenance and no additional cost.

    • Charge controller - - A charge controller ensures a battery's longevity by preventing overcharging and excessive draining. For example, if a battery is fully charged, it will automatically discontinue the energy flow from your home's photovoltaic (PV) cells, and if the battery is mostly spent, it will not allow the battery to transmit energy until it gets recharged.
    • Inverter - - Since the electricity generated by solar energy is direct current (DC), and most household appliances require alternating current (AC), an inverter is necessary to change the current from DC to AC. Some PV solar panels actually have an inverter built in.
    • Other accessories - - Other accessories include mounting hardware, grounding equipment, wiring and junction boxes.

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