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How has family life changed over the years?
Answered by Martha Stewart
  • Martha Stewart

    Martha Stewart

  1. Martha Stewart Founder, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia


    Well, family, tradition, the involvement of the family in holidays and everyday living and education was always very central to our upbringing. We were brought up with books; we were brought up with conversation. We were brought up with good food, sitting around a table. The family table was a very important place for our family to have discussions about what was going on that day and in the world that day.

    So we were pretty well versed as we grew up in -- well, I shouldn't say everything, but in many things. And it's very different now, very different. There are so many things pulling at us in different ways. Children -- if you're a soccer player, all you do is play soccer. And you get home late after a soccer fame and you're exhausted and you, you know, scarf down a dinner, and then you might have time to do some homework. I watch this with all my friend's children, and I hope that it will be different for my grandchild. Who knows?

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