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What foods can help treat anemia?
Answered by Planet Green
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  1. First of all, consult a health practitioner to pinpoint the causes of your anemia. If your anemia is due to a lack of iron in your diet, try eating liver, dried beans, raisins, prunes and dried apricots. Make sure you eat these together with foods high in vitamin C (like citrus fruits and broccoli) and cut down on your coffee, tea and dairy product intake. This will help your body digest and absorb all the extra iron in your diet. If your anemia is due to a lack of folate, start eating more dried beans, dark-green leafy vegetables, asparagus and oranges. People who don't get enough vitamin B12, meanwhile, also often display symptoms of anemia, so boost your consumption of beef, liver, eggs, tuna, nutritional yeast and dairy products.

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