Threats to Biodiversity

Are frogs in danger of becoming extinct?
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  1. The amphibia class, which includes caecilians, salamanders and frogs, has been in danger of becoming extinct for a while. Frogs are the largest constituent of the amphibia class and have lost approximately 170 species in the last decade alone. In fact, approximately 1,900 more frog species fall into the 'threatened' state, just below the 'endangered' state, which means that their extinction is imminent. According to some reports, approximately 67 percent of some amphibian species have disappeared in Central and South America. Yet another report says that the mountain yellow-legged frogs of Yellowstone National Park are almost gone, and the remaining frogs are dying off because of the deadly chytrid fungus. Japan, too, has found their frogs infected with the same dangerous fungus.

    Frog Extinction 1
    Frogs have lost an estimated 170 species in the last 10 years (Company Image Credit/PhotographerCredit)

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