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Will future households have many robots or just one robot?
Answered by Colin Angle
  • Colin Angle

    Colin Angle

  1. Colin Angle Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, iRobot® Corp.


    There are going to be many robots in the home, or at least several, but you will interact with one, because we can only handle so much complexity. If you have a robot for this and a robot for that, it's unnecessary and confusing, so when you come home you'll probably have something that we'd call the human interface robot. It's a robot optimized around interacting with you, so voice recognition, a nice display that you can read, touch screen, type interface, and certainly able to navigate around your home.

    So, that's what you will ultimately interact with. And so if a doctor's visiting, it'll be through that robot, but for maintaining your home, it's the wrong size and shape. You want something that can go under your bed, in and around your chairs, and so forth, and that's not a big robot, that's a Roomba-sized robot. The interesting thing is that the larger robot will ultimately control the Roomba. So, you would like to say, "Well, I'd like my kitchen vacuumed, or my bathroom scrubbed today. Can you handle that?" And your human interface robot will say, "Of course," and then the robots will take care of it for you.

    It's closer than you think. We've developed some prototype human interface robots; the Ava robot is the demonstrator that we're working on right now. It is focused on interacting with you, and as that develops, that's going to become your interface to the robots in your home.

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