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Did Genghis Khan really kill 1.7 million people?
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  1. The number, and how all of the deaths were attributed to the famed 12-century warrior-ruler, is questionable. But the death toll nonetheless appears in many recounts of Khan's life, some claiming that almost 2 million people were killed in one hour - a near-mathematical impossibility. Perhaps he was just a loving father; Khan had an entire town slaughtered because his daughter asked him to, as a matter of revenge. The town, Nishapur, was located in Persia (modern-day Iran). A Nishapurian archer killed Khan's favorite son-in-law, Toquchar. Khan's daughter and Toquchar's widow asked her father to have every resident of Nishapur killed. Khan complied, sending his son Tolui to manage the task. Reports place the number of inhabitants of Nishapur at the time around 1,748,000. The town's inhabitants were beheaded - again at his daughter's request.

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