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Why should governments continue to fund space research?
Answered by Michael Massimino
  • Michael Massimino

    Michael Massimino

  1. Michael Massimino United States Astronaut, NASA


    NASA is a civilian agency. It's not part of the Department of Defense or any other agency. It's got its own budget, and that's less than one penny of a tax dollar. If you were to vaporize NASA, you probably wouldn't even notice. So putting that money from NASA and putting it into something else -- I don't know if we could keep up with the paperclips in some other agency. Relatively speaking, it's a small amount, but it's one of the few places that we invest our money for the future.

    So just like you are saying, we have lots of bills to pay, we've got wars going on, we have all these other problems, economic, but you always still put something away for the future. You know you have bills to pay, but you always want to put something away for your kid's college fund. So the way I see it is we are kind of the college fund. We are for the future. We're important, you have to take care of your necessities, but I do think that NASA does get its support for what it does for international cooperation, inspiration, science technology and the future.

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