What happens during the external examination of a dead body?
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  1. During the autopsy, the body is weighed and fingerprinted as part of an external examination. Next, the coroner breaks the seals on the body bag and photographs the corpse. If death is believed to be caused by foul play, the photos will include the clothing still on the body. The examiner collects and notes evidence samples including hair, fingernails and foreign objects found on the body. The examiner may also choose to use ultraviolet (UV) radiation to enhance bodily secretions. When hit with UV radiation, secretions become more visible. This makes it easier to gather samples for evidence. The coroner then removes the body from the bag and examines any wounds. In some cases, the body is also x-rayed inside the body bag. Following that initial examination, the corpse is fully cleaned, measured and placed back on the autopsy table for additional examination.

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