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How are industrial wastes disposed of?
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  1. Manufacturing, mining, construction and metallurgical industries generate waste material that often cannot be consumed or recycled. Because many of these industry operations take place on a massive scale, they often produce massive amounts of these waste byproducts. Therefore, industrial development requires proper handling and disposal of wastes to prevent further degradation of the environment and to protect humans and natural resources from dangerous exposure and contamination.

    Wastes such as slag, scrap material, rock tailings, useless chemicals, oils and acids are disposed of in many different ways:

    • Dumping in landfills
    • Dumping in oceans
    • Storage in underground caverns
    • Incineration
    • Deep-well injection

    Some industrial processes create byproducts that can be recycled, such as aluminum, glass, glycerin and gasoline, while other byproducts, such as methane gas, can be used in other industrial processes.

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