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How common are near-death experiences?
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  1. According to "Adventures in Immortality," written by pollsters George Gallup, Jr. and William Proctor, 15 percent of all Americans who almost died - - whether in accidents, surgeries, drug overdoses or attempted suicides - - reported near-death experiences. Of that number, 9 percent had out-of-body experiences, in which they experienced their souls looking down at their bodies; 11 percent reported entering different realms such as heaven or hell, and 8 percent said they saw spiritual beings. It was found that the likelihood of having a near-death experience was hardly affected by prior religious belief or knowledge of near-death experiences. According to researcher Kenneth Ring, having a near-death experience can profoundly impact a person's life. Changes include:

    • An increase in self-confidence
    • Feeling that life has a purpose
    • An increase in compassion
    • A decrease in the fear of death
    • An increase in religious feelings

    A small percentage, however, became frightened and depressed - - probably those who believed they had been taken to hell.

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