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How can I conserve and reuse water at home?
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  1. Lori Cuthbert Editor-in-Chief, Discovery News
    Another way to conserve water is to think more broadly about the water around your house.

    For instance, if you boil water for eggs, or corn, or whatever, let it cool and then use it to water your houseplants. If you have a water feature in your yard, as I do, use the water that recirculates through it to water outdoor plants before freshening the water in that.

    Just generally be aware of every time you're pouring water down the drain and ask yourself whether you could be using it somewhere else.

    A few more handy tips: don't let the faucet run when you're brushing your teeth; take as short showers as possible and 'go Euro' - ie: shower fully every other day; do more hand washing-up of dishes; don't wash every item of clothing every time you wear it.

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  2. Jaymi Heimbuch
    Conserving water at home is certainly easy -- it's a matter of being very aware of each time you turn on the tap, what the water is used for, and if you're using only what is necessary.

    However, reusing water can be a little trickier. While there are small things you can do -- such as the tips already mentioned like reusing water from cooking for watering plants -- you can go a lot further and install a greywater system.

    Greywater systems capture water from sinks, showers, washing machines, and so on, clean the water usually through sand filters, and recycle it for purposes like filling the toilet tank or irrigating your backyard garden. So essentially the water from the kitchen sink can be captured after you've washed the dishes, cleaned with sand, and sent over to water the kitchen herbs that will be part of tomorrow's dinner. It's a great way to make sure you're getting the most from every drop of water you use.

    Check your local area to find out what types of sytems are allowed since not all areas allow certain types of greywater systems for indoor use for health reasons.

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  3. Our water resources are drying up worldwide, causing the price of water to skyrocket. There are some ways you can conserve and reuse water:

    • Fix leaky toilets - Check that all of the faucets and toilets at home are working efficiently. Spending money to inspect the plumbing is worthwhile if it saves gallons of water a day.
    • Reuse captured water - Instead of pouring used water from pets' bowls or running showers down the drain, capture the water and use it for plants.
    • Collect rainwater - Purchase or build rain barrels to place under drain spouts when it rains. The collected water can be used to save money on watering your ornamental plants.

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