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How do I become an executive producer?
Answered by Discovery Channel
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  1. An executive producer needs to be able to manage the timetables, expenses and logistics of a project, in addition to the technical and production staff, creative talent, equipment and materials involved in producing a movie, TV series or music album. You'll also likely need a degree in finance or a related field if you're going to manage a project budget and protect the investments of a record label or studio. A motion picture producer needs to understand how movies are made. Before becoming an executive producer you might want to focus on a particular skill of filmmaking, such as writing, acting, directing, cinematography or editing. A music executive producer needs a background as a performer or writer and the knowledge of at least one instrument. You need to know the business, which might mean a college degree in music business, music production or sound engineering. A TV executive producer requires knowledge of the industry and an understanding of entertainment or filmmaking.

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