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How do people get malaria?
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  1. Malaria is a disease of the red blood cells and liver. Mild cases are characterized by flu-like symptoms. More serious forms of this parasitic infection can lead to coma and even death. People get malaria from mosquito bites. Once certain female mosquitoes (the dreaded genus Anopheles, to be exact) bite, they release parasites into a person's system that cause red blood cells to rupture. The chemicals that are released by these ruptured cells cause the symptoms associated with malaria to develop. Annually, up to 500 million people are infected with malaria worldwide. Of these, approximately 1 million cases are fatal. There are a number of drugs that can be taken to treat malaria, but the use of mosquito netting and repellent are inexpensive, effective ways to prevent the parasite from entering the bloodstream in the first place.

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