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How does a money line work?
Answered by Discovery Channel
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  1. When betting on low-scoring sports, using a point spread isn't practical. So oddsmakers use a money line instead. For example, a money line could look like this: White Sox - 1.20; Astros +1.10. In such a case, you have to bet $1.20 for each dollar you want to win off a White Sox victory. To bet on the underdogs, you'd have to put down one dollar for each $1.10 you want to win. So to win $100 off the White Sox, you'd put down $120. If they were to win, you'd get your money back, plus the $100. If you were to put down $100 on the Astros and they were to win, you'd earn $110. The "dime line" is used to separate the favorite from the underdog in order to encourage betting on both sides.

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