How does numerology work?
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  1. Numerology, the study of the mystical, mythical properties of numbers, works by assigning numbers into various categories, according to how they'd look if the same number of dots or pebbles were arranged into shapes such as squares, rectangles, or triangles. In addition, odd numbers are considered male and even numbers are female, so a 2 and a 3 add up to 5, which symbolizes marriage. Other properties have been assigned to numbers, such as willpower to number 1, harmony to number 2, creativity to 3, order to 4, loyalty to 6, magic to 7, balance to 8 and forgiveness to 9. Numerologists maintain that each number has a particular vibration and that if you want to have a harmonious life, you should be sure that your food and environment have the same vibrations that you do.

    Different systems of numerology make use of different charts. To determine a person's own number, the name he or she is given at birth (not a nickname or a name switched to after marriage) is used; each letter of the name is assigned a number (with some letters getting the same number), and the numbers are added together. If the result has more than one digit, the two or more digits are added together until one digit is left.

    Some people who believe in numerology claim they see their special number everywhere, but others point out that since there are a small number of numerals in the world, you're going to see the same numbers everywhere you go; furthermore, people tend to see and remember what interests them and disregard what doesn't. This is called confirmation bias - - if your lucky number is, say, seven, you'll notice and remember seeing a lot of sevens, forgetting all the fours, sixes, and eights you come across during the day. Finally, numerology is founded on the base-10 system, which is man-made. Although a belief system such as numerology can help to organize surrounding objects in a believer's mind, there's no scientific proof it does more than that.

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