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How does a record label work?
Answered by Discovery Channel
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    Discovery Channel

  1. Most record companies are large parent companies that have a bunch of record labels affiliated with them. Each individual record label has a president, with a vice president in charge of a different department, such as:

    • The A&R (artists & repertoire) department, which finds new talent
    • The art department, which designs the CD cover, advertising and store display
    • Business affairs, which includes payroll and bookkeeping
    • Label liaison, the conduit between the parent company and the record label
    • The legal department, which deals with contracts and lawsuits
    • The marketing department, which coordinates the promotion, publicity and sales departments
    • New media, which handles the artist's Internet presence
    • The promotion department, which ensures the artist's songs are played on the radio
    • The publicity department, which tries to get articles written about the artist and works to have the artist appear on television and radio
    • The sales department, which handles the distribution of albums to stores

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