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How does a swamp cooler work?
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  1. A swamp cooler functions well in relatively dry locales. Inside the swamp cooler are wet pads. Air is drawn in through the system and blown through the pads, the result of which is a temperature reduction of about 20 degrees and a slight humidity increase. Air particles that flow through the pads are filtered by them, and this reduces the level of airborne pollutants. Adequate ventilation, such as an open window nearby, is necessary, because the air needs somewhere to escape. Different models supply water for the wet pads either manually or automatically -- about 2 to 15 gallons (7.5 to 56.7 liters) of water daily. A swamp cooler is far cheaper to run than a conventional air conditioner. So if you're looking to lower your air-conditioning bills in a dry climate, this may be a good solution.

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