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How can I organize my Yahoo Mail messages?
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  1. Yahoo Mail's latest iteration has plenty of features to help users organize their email. First, there's the obvious capability to create new folders, if you find that keeping them in the "Inbox" is not sufficient. In the left-hand pane of the main Yahoo Mail window, just look for the "Folders" menu item. Click the "+" icon next to it. A window will pop up asking you to name the folder. Just give it a name and  -- voilá! -- you'll have a new folder. Thereafter, just clicking on your new folder will make it the "active" folder. After your new folder is in place, you can move messages to it, save new messages to it or organize it any way you wish. If you do not remember which e-mail had specific information, you can use the search function at the top of the window to find a phrase, word or name.

    Tooling around in Yahoo's latest version of its mail program makes all of this pretty intuitive. It uses tabs for its sections, much like a browser does for separate Web sites. Default tabs such a "What's New?"; "Inbox"; and "Contacts" can be accessed just by clicking on them. New tasks tend to spawn new tabs. To close a tab, just mouse over its upper-right corner and click the "X" that appears.

    Meanwhile, there are several things you can do with any incoming messages before you read them. For example, you can filter incoming e-mails to go to specific folders. To enable filters, just click the "Options" pull-down menu at the top of the screen and then select "Mail Options." Then click "Filters" from the left-side menu. The new screen will list all of your active filters, and it provides an "Add Filter" button to create a new one. Filters can be arranged according to sender, recipient, subject or body, and when one of those rules is met, you can move that message to any folder you wish.

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