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How can you get rid of the boredom in your life?
Answered by Molly Edmunds and Discovery Fit & Health
  • Molly Edmunds

    Molly Edmunds

  • Discovery Fit & Health

    Discovery Fit & Health

  1. Molly Edmunds Staff Writer, HowStuffWorks.com

    Feeling bored is no fun. But a 2011 study suggests that boredom might actually be good for you -- and the world. Researcher Wijnand van Tilburg posits that bored people get frustrated by the feeling that their lives are meaningless and dull, and as a result they search out opportunities that give their lives some worth. Van Tilburg claims that bored people seeking to make a change seek out altruistic and prosocial activities, which benefit larger communities. For example, bored people might donate blood or sign up to work for a charity in order to beat the meaningless blues, which means that their boredom ends up helping a lot of people. So the next time you're bored, consider calling that place where you've always wanted to volunteer. Not only will you find plenty to occupy your time, but you'll create a huge impact in your community.

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  2. When you feel bored, you can get yourself out of it. However, not just any old distraction will work. A study has shown that if you just try to distract yourself with chores or breaks, these methods will ultimately fail [source: Martin et al]. Trying to distract yourself with high-risk activities, like skydiving, or taking drugs, is not such a good idea either. Instead, activities that require focus, such as meditation, or a balanced combination of ease and skill, such as a hobby or physical activity, can help lift you out your boredom [source: Friedman].

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