How can we control ASIMO the robot?
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  1. Since it is not a totally independent robot, we can either pre-program ASIMO to perform certain tasks or control it in one of several ways: via PC, wireless controls, hand gestures or voice commands. ASIMO has its own PC connection that can access the Internet and retrieve data. We might also use a computer to see through ASIMO's cameras. Though it seems backward to control ASIMO with a remote control, it can adjust its own steps, avoiding obstacles that it encounters in its path. The Honda robot can also be programmed to wave, point and follow in response to human gestures. Just give it that "come hither" look and see what happens. ASIMO can learn to recognize friends or co-workers, so it will respond to voices stored in its memory. And ASIMO is very easy to boss around -- just program as many commands into its memory as you like, and "your wish is his command."

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