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How do Wiccans practice their beliefs?
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  1. Wiccans allow both men and women to be witches. You don't need a special gift or ability to be a Wiccan witch; you just need the right training. Their practices are governed by the Wiccan Rede, which is the Wiccan law and code of ethics, and it can be summed up with the motto, "If it does no harm, do your own will." Wiccans believe that witches should not harm others with their magic, or it will return to them threefold, because magic is intended only for personal change. Wiccans can practice in groups, called covens, or as solitaries, and they hold a formal initiation ceremony for new members. Wicca traditions recognize three basic phases of learning -- student/witch, practitioner/priest and teacher/high priest -- each of which lasts one year and one day.

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