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How do you reclaim gray water?
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  1. Homeowners can conserve clean water resources and lighten the sewage treatment burden by reusing their home's gray water (household water that has not been contaminated with fecal matter or other major pollutants) for watering gardens and other purposes. There are three main ways to reclaim gray water: manual bucketing, diversion and treatment.

    Bucketing means you drain your gray water into a portable container. You can even perform manual bucketing by collecting your shower water into a pot or pan as you wash.

    Diversion is a plumbing-based version of bucketing. Through a diversion system, pipes carry gray water from your bathtub to a subsurface irrigation system in your yard.

    Treatment is the fanciest and most expensive way to reclaim your gray water; it runs your used water through a treatment system to clean the water through a filter or chemicals. Treated gray water can be stored or even used to flush your toilets.

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