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Where did the idea for the first laptop computer come from?
Answered by Bill Moggridge
  • Bill Moggridge

    Bill Moggridge

  1. Bill Moggridge Director, Smithsonian’s Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum


    Well, the origins was that John Ellenby, who is the entrepreneur who founded the company, having worked before at Xerox PARC, was talking to somebody in the White House, not to be named, who had a huge computer behind his desk and needed to travel around the world to solve difficult problems, and he said to John, "What I need is to take that computer and have it so that the same power and performance can be in half my briefcase."

    That was the brief for our design. John then put together a company -- a new-start company -- got some venture capital, asked me to help him with that process and then to become his resource for the physical design. Then we worked together to develop all the details of the design.

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