How can we improve education in the United States?
Answered by Rob Wrubel
  • Rob Wrubel

    Rob Wrubel

  1. Rob Wrubel Chief Marketing & Product Development Officer, Apollo Group


    First of all, we're in a period where there aren’t the funds and the resources. And America has come to a long period of having a lot of ability to invest and build in educational infrastructure, now that we have reached the limits. I think that's sometimes a point when you find the greatest innovation, because parties come together. I think it's going to take a commitment between partnerships between the government and businesses and industries, technology, the venture industry, and not that they create partnerships that are quasi-nonprofit. I think you have to create the conditions in which more and more smart people will put their innovative capabilities and competence toward the problems of education.

    And we're starting to see it, because people realize we need to find new ways to do this. So I think it's going to be that people will probably have to start to really test and question the conventions they have around, "What is education? How should it be delivered? What's the role of the teacher? What's the role of a campus? How much should industries be involved in it? When does entertainment become education, and vice versa?" So I think we have to be willing to question lots and lots of conventions that we, as Americans, have grown up with and trained ourselves to think this is quality or this is success.

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