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What is the influence of French cuisine on American society?
Answered by Eric Ripert
  • Eric Ripert

    Eric Ripert

  1. Eric Ripert Chef/Co-Owner of Le Bernardin


    French cuisine is very vast. I mean, in between the cuisine from Paris, and the north, and the south, it's a huge difference. One uses butter; one uses olive oil. The south is very close to Spain and Italy, in terms of flavors. The north is very rich cuisine. And French cuisine is very democratic when you go to cafés and brasseries, and can be very upscale when you go to luxurious restaurants. French cuisine is available everywhere in this country, and the contribution of French cuisine, I think, to America is in its techniques. Of course, the appreciation for the ingredients, but the Italians and many other cultures have that, but the French techniques are very important because they are based on logic. And today in America, I think, we see French technique being applied on almost everywhere, because it's a universal way of cooking.

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