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How does the Internet affect businesses?
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  1. The Internet has helped businesses in myriad ways. For one, it connects people even more seamlessly than the telephone. Web conferencing takes the teleconferencing concept to a new level. Following are some of the ways Web conferencing helps people around the world work together:

    • Desktop sharing: Participants can see everything that's on a presenter's computer screen. A presenter can hand off control of his or her desktop, or new presenters can share theirs.
    • Document and application sharing: This works like desktop sharing. Participants can control and edit documents and applications remotely, often without loading the software onto their computers.
    • Whiteboards: These shared visual workspaces can be edited by the participants, just like they would if they were in the same room.
    • File transfers: Presenters can post files for use before, during or after a conference.


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