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How does an LCD monitor work?
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  1. Most desktop computers no longer have a big boxy monitor. Instead, they have a flat screen, which uses liquid crystal display or LCD technology. The same technology is used in laptops and your favorite supersized TV. LCD technology works by blocking light. An LCD is made of two pieces of polarized glass that contain a liquid crystal material between them. A backlight creates light that passes through the first piece of glass. At the same time, electrical currents cause the liquid crystal molecules to align to allow varying levels of light to pass through the second piece of glass and create the images you see. These monitors have several advantages over the traditional cathode ray tube (CRT) technology. LCDs have a slimmer design and consume less energy. Plus, they have a much better resolution (the number of individual dots of color, called pixels contained in a display.) They also give less eyestrain because they don't display a flicker like CRT monitors do. And they are more adjustable -- you can adjust the height, tilt or swivel or mount them on a wall.

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