What equipment does a live sound engineer need?
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  1. Sound engineering equipment enables sound to be captured, adjusted and sent back to the audience. The following are the functions of each piece of equipment:

    • Microphone - - The microphone converts the sound of a voice or an instrument into electronic signals, which are then sent to an amplifier or effects box.
    • Amplifier - - Amplifiers magnify and project the sounds produced by the band. Some instruments can be plugged directly into amplifiers, such as electric guitars, while others must be amplified via a microphone. Sound engineers can also use amplifiers to add sound effects to the music, such as echo or fuzz.
    • Audio lines - - The audio lines are cables that transfer electrical signals from one piece of equipment to another.
    • Monitor - - On-stage monitors aid the musicians by allowing them to hear what they're playing in real time.
    • Mixing boards - - Mixing boards are large panels of controls that can manage aspects of each sound separately, such as volume, pitch or effects.


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