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What are the major problems facing public schools?
Answered by Planet Green
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  1. Since public schools accept everyone who lives within a particular school district, the system has to deal with a number of issues. One problem is high school dropouts. According to some studies, only about 70 percent of high school seniors go on to graduate. This translates into more than 1 million new dropouts annually. Another serious concern is that of school violence. Public schools have attempted to confront this issue by implementing safety policies and by making it easier for harassed students to report incidents of violence. School districts have also established clear rules of conduct for students to abide by. A third major issue is that of teacher turnover. Factors such as low pay, difficult work conditions and lack of support are commonly cited as reasons for teachers quitting. To counter this phenomenon, many school districts have created various types of incentive programs meant to keep good teachers from leaving.

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