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What makes a mood ring change colors?
Answered by Discovery Channel
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    Discovery Channel

  1. Oh, what fun mood rings brought when first introduced in the late 1970s. And they're still around, bringing delight and conversation to teens and people of all ages - - unless you're in a bad mood, of course. A mood ring is supposed to change colors along with your mood, but the ring really changes color due to the interaction of your body heat with thermotropic liquid crystals.

    The hollow stone sits atop a layer of the liquid crystals, which make the stone turn different colors. When your body temperature increases or decreases, the change passes through your finger to the crystals. The molecules in the crystals are very sensitive, and they move around based on temperature fluctuations. The repositioned molecules affect the wavelengths of light that the crystals reflect or absorb, making the stone on your mood ring seem to change colors.

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