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Who was Mon-Ka the Martian?
Answered by Discovery Channel
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  1. Mon-Ka the Martian first made contact with Earth in April 1956. At Southern California's Giant Rock Spacecraft Convention, a man by the name of Dick Miller unveiled tape recordings that he claimed contained alien communications, noting that the tapes simply appeared in sealed cans. According to Miller, Mon-Ka promised on the tapes that he and his fellow alien life forms would be getting back in touch with Los Angeles later that year. Miller took his tapes on the road, impressing London audiences. A subsequent newspaper report about Miller in the Associated Press - - a tongue-in-cheek treatment - - caused the Mon-Ka story to become an international sensation. A subsequent story revealed that Miller had once faked an alien radio communication in his hometown of Detroit. As the day on which the aliens were supposed to appear approached, people from all over scanned the skies for the impending arrival. Unfortunately for them, Mon-Ka and his comrades never did show.

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